"The Magic of the Personal Discovery"

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Our Mission

"To support with loyalty, honesty and respect the development and personal growth of the human being, providing learning opportunities with processes (workshops, conferences, mentoring) that facilitate the change of their clients, patients and/or participants."

Committed to providing tools focused on human development using diverse themes inclined towards self-discovery and awareness.


1) That the person identifies in their history, takes responsibility for themselves and improves their quality of life.
2) To Develop the ability of people to access, create, and operate their own life project.

• Project: "MAGIC SPIRAL"
Group Mentoring Encounters
That the person identifies in their story, take responsibility for themselves and improve their quality of life.
That they identify limiting thoughts that prevent their awareness.
That they recognize their ability to take responsibility and take action to achieve their own goals and plan of life.

• Project: "Educative SPIRAL"
Group Meetings:  Forecast - Prevention
Group meetings of personal development, to teach about Education to prevent conflicts between parents and children.

• Project: "Spiral OF THE INDIVIDUAL"
Encounters of personal and individual mentoring.

• Project: "Spiral YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE" 
Interpersonal relationships in family, work, personal.